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Inversion Therapy

inversion therapy
inversion therapy

Inversion therapy offers immediate, temporary relief for joint pain, pinched nerves, and muscle soreness. This quick and painless treatment helps ease the pressure of gravity on your spine, stopping stubborn pain in its tracks. Flip your aches upside down on an Unlimited Chiropractic inversion table.

What Is Inversion Therapy?

Experts call this therapy “inversion” because it involves being suspended upside down (inverted). Participants lie on a convertible table that tilts in either direction. The chiropractor will secure patients with durable straps to motivate movement between bones, joints, and muscles. Inversion therapy provides multiple health benefits, including some that might surprise you.

DID YOU KNOW: Lebron James, Joe Rogan, Tony Robbins, and Martha Stewart use inversion therapy for natural pain relief.

Health Benefits Inversion Therapy

Experts rave about the health benefits of inversion therapy. Some even recommend it as part of routine chiropractic care. It can help eliminate many physical ailments, providing gentle pain relief without medicine or pharmaceutical interference.

Safely invert your spine to experience these all-natural advantages:

  • Rehydrated Discs
  • Spinal Realignment
  • Reduced Nerve Pressure
  • Relaxed Muscles
  • Improved Joint Health
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Enhanced Core Strength
  • Eased Stress

Ask your doctor if getting on an inversion table is safe, especially if you have a severe medical condition. Physicians typically recommend 2-4 treatments per month for best results.


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