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Float Therapy

What Is Float Therapy?

Sometimes called “floating,” float therapy involves relaxing inside a float cabin or flotation tank. Patients enjoy sensory deprivation in a pitch-black, soundproof pod filled with body-temperature water. The chiropractic staff monitors and manages conditions while you experience weightless relaxation for various lengths of time.


The Benefits of Float Therapy

Float therapy benefits can range from one person to another. However, most people report eased anxiety, reduced stress, and alleviated muscle tension. Since chiropractors add Epsom salt to the water for enhanced buoyancy, patients also enjoy worry-free healing in a simulated zero-gravity environment.

Call and talk to our staff for more information on how regular float therapy can help you live your best life.

Prepping For Your Appointment

Get ready for your float therapy session by arriving a few minutes early. Show up in comfortable clothes to help you stay relaxed after your appointment. You can always ask questions if you’re curious about the details.


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