The HydroMassage hydrotherapy bed is one of the forms of hydrotherapy that uses the combination of water, heat and massage to provide a comforting and relaxing experience for the user. The HydroMassage bed allows the user to lay comfortably on a rubber barrier while water jets move up and down the body. Although water is used during this relaxing therapy, the user never gets wet as the water is only a tool to provide the relaxing massage.

Physical Benefits
Since the machine can be adusted to target specific areas, you can use the HyrdoMassage Bed to work out knots in your muscles from built up tension.. Aside from relieving your body of the aches that come hand in hand with work, school, driving, etc... The HyrdoMassage bed can help ease chronic muscle and joint pain.  It can help relax the muscles so that chiropractic adjustments are easier for the Doctor and less painful for the patient.  It can even help increase your blood and lypmahitc circulation, as tension in your muscles can actually impair your circulation. This imrovement to your circulatory system can promote healing, increase absorption of nutrients, and cause your body to release harmful toxins and waste products through the pores.

Holistic Benefits
The technology used in the HydroMassage Bed creates a deeply relaxing experience. With each use, you will find yourself feeling renewed and less stressed. Using HydroMassage Therapy can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, digestion problems, and high blood pressure by giving you a time in your day to forget about your daily stresses and focus on relaxing your body and mind.


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